[TenTec] "Beautiful Triton IV Digital + for sale"

Jim Reid kh7m@hsa-kauai.net
Tue, 3 Oct 2000 17:55:06 -1000

Paul suggested:

> You don't say, "544 for sale."  You say, 
> "Beautiful Triton IV Digital for sale."

So,  ok,  I will say it:

My beautiful Triton IV Digital "station" is for sale along
with several Ten Tec accessories for the Triton.  Consists
of  (and wish to sell all,  for a great price,  as a package):

1.  Triton Digital Model 544,   Permeability Tuned, 
Transceiver,  S/N Ten Tec 544-0246

Digital RF frequency counter readout to 0.1 kHz,  no
synthesizer phase noise.  Has one of the quietest
receivers ever produced because of the PTO LO.
Operates from 12 - 14 volts DC, mobile or fixed
station (see included power supply model 252G below).
Features the famous Ten Tec QSK CW operation and
loves to run QRP!!  But will output medium power if
asked (60 to 100 watts,  band depending).  Does
not cover the WARC bands (30, 17,  and 12 meters).
Does include a rcv only antenna resonate control.
External antenna tuner for transmit not necessary,
but the matching Ten Tec external tuner is included
in this package,  see on below).

Manual copy for the 544 is included in this package.

Cosmetics,  scale 1 to 10,  at least 8 or 9,  no front panel
scratches/blems.  Lettering bright and clean,  etc. Very
light finger "rubs/polishing"  just barely visible about a couple 
of the knobs.

Typical price today,  when available from Ten Tec, $375 to
$450;  when offered by other hams,  usually $300 to $350
or so.

2.  Matching Ten Tec Power Supply Model 252G,
usual price when available,  $85 - 100. This is the PS
without the speaker on the front panel.

3.  Matching Antenna Tuner for matching transmit
signal to non-50 ohm antenna system,  Ten Tec
model 247.  Has balanced line output and
coax output as well as single wire output.
Pamphlet type manual included.
Usual price,  when can be found about $45 or so.

4.  Unique RF Speech Processor,  Ten Tec Model 234.
So far as I know,  this was the only rf-type speech 
processor ever designed and sold to the amateur market.
It will provide an average 5 to 6 dB increase in average
power output in SSB service,  plus it has the unique
capability to tailor the speech passband.  Because it
is an rf processor,  the harmonic distortion that must
occur in the conventional clipper/compressor systems,
is completely removed by the second crystal filter within!
The frequency response of the system can be set for 
optimum processor punch.  Pamphlet type manual for the 
234 is included.

Usual price today,  if you can find one anywhere,  is
about $100.  Very rare.

5.  Matching Ten Tec Model 705 Electret Desk Microphone
and manual.  Plugs directly into the above 234 processor
which then connects to the usual mike input of the Triton
544.  Processor provides DC bias to the electret mike
element,  or a nine volt battery may be installed in the
base of the mike stand.

New price today from Ten Tec, $89.95.  Used price,
typically $45 or so.

6.  160 Meter Converter/Transverter,  Ten Tec Model 240
This matching Triton accessory provides full Triton transmitting
and receiving between 1.8 and 2 mHz.  A 160 meter antenna
connects directly to this unit,coax input,  not to the 
Triton transceiver.  75 watts out on 160, typical.
Pamphlet type manual for this unit is included.

Usual price today for this converter, again if you can
find one,  is around $100 or so.

7. Interconnect cables for all of these items are included with
this package.

Probable used market value for these six Ten Tec station
elements would total about $800;  anxious collectors might 
even pay more for these individual Ten Tec components.  
For example,   see the Paul's Virtual Ten Tec Museum at:


Close up photos of the 544,  the antenna tuner and the
160 converter are posted there.  However, the photo
of the Power Supply  Paul has posted, the 262G, has
a speaker on the front panel;  mine, the 252G, does not 
have this panel speaker.

Photo of the Triton Digital 544 is at:


However,  for a sale to one of the  deserving,  I will sell
this entire set of units for $500.  For this price for
the "package", please,  the   buyer pays  1/2 the shipping
cost from Kauai to his/her address.   Fed Ex 2nd day air
from Kauai would run around $100 or so total.

I have the correct Ten Tec shipping box for the 544 
transceiver;  other items will be packed in a separate 
box(s).  And,  I'll even pay half the shipping cost!

Hope someone is interested/deserving! 
Guess this is sort of long,  lot of words,  hi. 

73,  Jim,  KH7M

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