[TenTec] Ten Tec - YES Gatlinburg - NEVER again

Brown, Robert bobb@smoc.cmhmetro.net
Tue, 10 Oct 2000 07:50:51 -0400

I had a great time at the Ten Tec get together and Hamfest.  I am very
impressed with what I saw and heard.  I just wish my experience at the
Skiview Motel in Gatlinburg was as pleasant.  I was told that the room was
Handicap Accessible, but that was only true to the front door of the room.
If you think that you might DIE or want to leave a day early while staying
there, be sure to give them 48 hours notice.  Otherwise, you pay for the
whole time.  Gatlinburg is also very unfriendly to Handicapped persons as
parking in practically non-existant and to travel around the town requires
walking great distances. Unfortunately, the Skiview Motel is owned and
operated by HAMs, but that doesn't help. Just beware in that area.
Incidently, the 48 hour notice requirement is undocumented.  It was not in
their literature or on their WEB site.  I was supposed to be told when I
made reservations in August, but was not. I am letting VISA take care of it.

Bob - W8BOB

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