[TenTec] I'll do it again and again.....

Mike Knox knoxm@scioto.net
Thu, 12 Oct 2000 06:24:02 -0700

Well, I feel I must add a little something to this.  Let's deal with traffic
first....I have been in Gatlinburg 3 times this year and yes, to TenTec each
time too.  All on weekends and the traffic has been the same each an EVERY
time.  You guys gotta remember that the Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg area is one
of the most favorite vacation areas in the US.  Their average yearly
automobile traffics is 9,000,000 cars per year.  So, as far as traffic goes,
that's the way it is and there will be no gettin' around it.  No matter what
weekend TenTec does the hamfest, traffic is going to be a lot more than any
of us really want to deal with.

I originally put the post on the reflector about the Ski View Motel.  As far
a walking distance to restaurants, the Alamo Restaurant is within 300 yards
to the EAST of the motel.   I guess, I should have said that my wife and I
have walked to some of the restaurants.  But, I don't mind walking....so
that is the big difference.  There is a Trolley Stop within 80 feet of the
front door of the motel.  Yes, we ride that alot or walk....mainly because
of the TRAFFIC!

I am sorry to say, that as far as Handicap Access goes, I will have to agree
with Bob.  I personally never thought of it as someone who needs those
amenities would.  The motel is on a steep incline and I have never noticed
any of the Handicap items that I see in other motels in the rooms I have
stayed in, there are none of the accessories that would be helpful to anyone
who is Handicapped.

As for the 48 hour rule, I have been told of it each time I have made a
reservation.  No matter where we have stayed.  But, I will not comment any
further on this subject, since it was not a conversation that I was involved
with.  But, Bob I am sorry that you were inconvienced, hope the other thing
gets worked out to your satisfaction.

I will only say this in ending this thing.  I WILL go back to any hamfest
that TenTec sponsors.....and I will probably stay at the SkiView then also.
I have never experienced anything of a negative nature while there and will
continue to go back until I have a good enough reason not to.  I will not
include TRAFFIC as a negative, I'll just live with that part of it....but,
then I am also learning some of the traffic "shortcuts" each and every time
I go back.

Mike - KC8WR

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