[TenTec] Enhanced ssb audio

Barry N1EU n1eu@hotmail.com
Sun, 15 Oct 2000 11:07:57 EDT

In terms of ssb rcv/xmit audio quality, a lot of improvement can be had with 
a much more modest effort.  I'm not that familiar with the Pegasus, so my 
comments are directed toward the other Ten-Tec rigs.

On transmit: install INRAD 2.8Khz filtering (or use a Triton IV), optimize 
alignment of ssb carrier offset freq (this is IMPORTANT), and use a decent 
$100-$200 studio mic along with a modest outboard equalizer.

On receive: same first two items as xmit, bypass audio circuitry soon after 
the detector (this is IMPORTANT) and amplify externally, and use hifi 
quality headphones or speakers.

If finances permit purchase of only a single INRAD filter, buy the 9Mhz and 
bypass one of the 6.3Mhz filter slots with a .01 cap to use as the wideband 
ssb receive position.

Barry  N1EU

website:  www.albany.net/~bg

From: "George, W5YR" <w5yr@att.net>
>Almost to a man they are running Kenwood rigs that have been
>substantially modified with wide 6 KHz transmit and receive filters,
>low-frequency transmit and received audio response extended down to 40
>to 60 Hz, etc. Most skip over the rig's mic and audio circuitry
>completely and put the output of that "rack audio gear" directly into
>the balanced modulator stage. Similarly, the receiver audio is taken out
>in an early stage to appropriate amplifiers and speakers, eliminating
>the usual receiver audio amps and speakers, etc.
>Everything about the transmitter has been modified to support the
>extremely (for amateur SSB) wideband transmit audio and to provide
>ultra-clean operation over that frequency range.
>Oh, yes, most of them are using studio microphones that cost more than
>the typical transceiver!
>"Hi-fi" in the big leagues on SSB is not a poor boy's game.
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