[TenTec] Pegasus enhanced audio

George, W5YR w5yr@att.net
Sun, 15 Oct 2000 12:38:01 -0500

Rich, let me make it clear that I was NOT "suggesting" in my posting
that such operation is either normal or necessarily acceptable as
general practice. I was merely "reporting" what I have learned about
these operations. So, don't blame me for the splatter!     <:}

Seriously, I think that what we have on 14178 is just a group of guys
who have the money, time and some degree of technical smarts (and some
of them have broadcast audio backgrounds) to indulge in this
hobby-within-a hobby. They would seem to prefer SSB because of its
obvious improvements over AM in a crowded band. Also they would be
lynched outright if they came on with those 1500-watt carriers. (To the
technically endowed: yes, I know very well that the maximum allowable
carrier power on AM these days is NOT 1500 watts!   <:}  )

What they are doing is intentionally NOT improving their abilities to
*communicate* - rather, they seem to be concentrating on determining
just how hi-fi an SSB station can be made to sound. Some of them have
succeed brilliantly, although their overall investment would buy a
number of "typical" ham shacks.

Each to his own . . .

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Richard B Drake wrote:
> The whole point of Single Sideband Suppressed Carrier is to
> improve communications ability by concentrating as much energy as
> possible into radiating the "essential" parts of the human voice.
> By definition, you sacrifice some fidelity to do that. I see no
> problem with using an equalizer to redistribute the spectrum in an
> effort to improve the sound quality. But to do as you suggest here
> is ridiculous. I am laughing at the time and money they have
> wasted on ignorance. Why don't they just use AM?
> ----
> 73, Rich - W3ZJ

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