[TenTec] Using the Omni 6+ QRP

Joe L Blackwell aa4nn@juno.com
Sun, 22 Oct 2000 20:30:03 -0400

So, what's the problem, Bob??
de Joe aa4nn

Bob Mauro  writes:
> I've been using my Omni 6+ to operate QRP.  The "legal limit" for
> QRP is 5 watts.  According to the Omni 6+ manual, the lowest the
> Omni 6+ can go is 8 watts.  Yet I've put my Omni 6+ on an
> external power meter and can drop the power from 100 watts to a
> half watt output.  But the FWD meter on the Omni 6+ reads 8 watts
> with the power knob set all the way down, counter clockwise.
> By setting the power knob on the Omni 6+ at about 10 o'clock, I
> can set the output to 5 watts on my external power meter.
> I've done tests with a nearby ham, who checked my S readings as I
> changed power output.  He seems to think my external meter at low
> power is more accurate than the Omni 6+'s front-panel meter. 
> Anybody notice that?

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