[TenTec] That's a great CW rig.....

Tom Branch Tom Branch" <tom.branch@qth.com
Mon, 23 Oct 2000 18:11:07 -0500


Tentec is known for full QSK CW.  Take a look at any of the reviews in the
ARRL and look at the keying waveforms--it tells the story.  I get good
reports on phone audio with my Omni 6 and never had a problem running FSK

Great designs, super support, full documentation, reasonable prices--need I
say more?

73 de Tom, K4NR/5

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>I'm just curious why I've so often heard the comment "Oh, yeah, Ten Tec
>are great for CW" when I tell the op on the other end that I'm using a Ten
>Tec rig. This happens whether I'm working CW, SSB, or PSK 31, and I've
>honestly heard this comment (or something very similar) 30 or 40 times in
>the last 2 years. Now I realize that CW afficienados frequently like Ten

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