Joe L Blackwell aa4nn@juno.com
Sat, 28 Oct 2000 21:29:28 -0400

It stands to reason when one finds a good mic there's
no need to have two.  OTH, a CW op typically "needs"
more than one key.  Or several.  Just an observation.
73, de Joe Blackwell, aa4nn 

W1XV writes:
> For sale: model 705 desk mic in excellent condition for
> $55.00 shipped CONUS. The only item missing is the
> foam cover for the mic head......my cat ate it!! It has
> the usual 4-pin TT connector. Reason for selling: I have
> two of these things and I only need one. Tnx for the
> bandwidth. 73, Brad W1XV

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