[TenTec] "A low vswr will kill youo"

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Wed, 24 Jan 2001 21:20:15 EST

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 It has always been my understanding that the definition of an resonant 
antenna is when the current wave is zero at both ends of the antenna.  This 
means the current loop or maximum will occur at the center of the antenna.  
Operating the antenna in a non-resonate condition only moves the current loop 
to a different position on the antenna itself.  This has nothing to do with 
how well the antenna radiates.  A resonate antenna only other advantage is 
the ability to easily feed power to it directly as its terminal impedance 
approaches the output impedance of the transmitter. - 73's -  Corn - k4own

Finally a bit of theory that the layman can digest.
Nice going Corn, de Jim  K2ZF

Keep up the discussion guys, its wonderful to be able to read about antenna 
theory in such a dynamic fashion !

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