[TenTec] Weird Jupiter Xmit Problem

Carl J. Denbow ka8jxg@callsign.net
Fri, 6 Jul 2001 23:17:34 -0400

My TT Jupiter just developed a strange problem.  When I start to 
transmit on SSB it changes frequency going down in frequency a few 
cycles each second that I talked -- after a minute or so, it's 
changed frequency so far that the other station can't copy me any 
longer.  All of this is reflected on the main frequency readout.  I 
start to transmit and the freq change starts and stops when I stop 
transmitting.  Any one else experienced such a problem?  It seems to 
me that it might a problem with a microprocessor.  Any other 



Carl J. Denbow
17 Coventry Lane
Athens, Ohio USA
Working on WAS, DXCC and 
World Radio's "31 on 31" (PSK31) Award
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