[TenTec] Weird Jupiters is absolutely correct

MYCROFT WA3HVP@intergrafix.net
Sun, 08 Jul 2001 01:45:05 -0400

I must agree with just about everything written about the Juniper (Jupiter) 
being palmed off by TT as a "Ham" transceiver. It's an empty box, designed to
make money for TT. Troubled by RF - which it generates - a poor receiver, 
that DSP
can't cure, dull display screen surrounded by a front panel made for a left 
person, no provision for a separate receive antenna, fragile and delicate - 
a real
"Prima Donna" that I'm sure TT Service wishes had never been made, or else
tested in the real world of a average Ham Shack before being released.

Perhaps Juniper owners should start a class action suit? They have lemon laws
for cars................ Should TT issue a RECALL for all Jupiters? Make 
the darn
things right in the first place TT - admit you have given some Hams a 
problem &
it's called JUPITER (not Juniper).


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