[TenTec] Is My Wide Filter *Too* Wide?

Clark Savage Turner csturner@falcon.csc.calpoly.edu
Mon, 9 Jul 2001 15:56:20 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 9 Jul 2001, LORONA,AL (A-USA,ex3) wrote:

> I know several folks on here have gone to these filters, so have you guys
> really checked carefully the carrier suppression by listening on another
> receiver or by measurement with test equipment? Has anyone found what I
> found? Or do I just have a filter that's simply too wide to operate

Yes, I've checked and needed no carrier adjustments to come within specs,
in fact, better than before.  I've also stuck one of these filters into my
Corsair II with no carrier oscillator adjustment necessary, they are very

> correctly inside the Ten Tec 9.000 to 9.003 MHz IF window? I guess what I'm
> asking is 1/ is the Inrad filter really exactly supposed to be 2.8 kHz wide
> or 2/ in reality is it wider, giving rise to the problems I've described, or
> 3/ do I have a filter that's out-of-spec? Before you answer #3, I would
> really appreciate hearing from you if you've actually measured this.

I would ask George at INRAD about this, he is very helpful and fun to talk
to.  Go to the INRAD website and get their number, I have had many
enjoyable conversations with George about the Ten Tec rigs and his


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