[TenTec] Omni vi+ and Alpha 87A

David Drew ddrew@pacifier.com
Sun, 15 Jul 2001 17:14:04 -0700

I usually use PTT on SSB and when I notice the problem not always, but 
quite often. I get a FAULT but no indication as to why , when I release the 
PTT switch. I've tested with VOX and it seems to have same problem. My SWR 
to TT-253 tuner is almost unity, so its not an antenna problem unless it's 
RF in the shack..

My ALPHA is on the left side of the OMNI about 8 inches away and I was 
thinking that because the power transformer is on the right side of the 
Alpha that it was creating some type of surge into the PTT or Audio 
circuits of the OMNI when PTT is released. I think that if a power supply 
is near the left side on the OMNI it introduces hum or distortion. I plan 
to mount the Alpha on the right side of the OMNI someday, but that Alpha is 
a very heavy unit to be moving around. I would have to re-arrange my 
operating position.

I'm not sure what you mean by swapping out to another rig ?  I don't know 
of a better rig than an OMNI 6 +. Maybe the OMNI 7 ? I only had an OMNI-D 
and a Drake-4 Line twins as back ups. Nothing else.

Dave W7DPW

At 04:46 PM 7/15/01 -0700, George Fremin III - K5TR wrote:
>On Sun, Jul 15, 2001 at 12:42:05PM -0700, David Drew wrote:
> > I have a similar problem using OMNI 6 plus and an Alpha 89. Noticeable on
> > SSB as but at times on FSK RTTY and CW.  No cure found.
> >
>Dave and John,
>I am willing to bet that your radios are putting out a high power
>spike of power at key up.  This has been seen on many different
>bands and models of radios.  I am heard of this exact problem before.
>There were even a series of pots make to the contest email reflector
>soon after the 87a came out from ohters with this same problem.
>I think one person even measured the spike out of his radio
>as being somewhere near or above 200 watts - regardless of
>the setting of the power output pot.  I think someone elses
>rig would put out full power for a few milliseconds and then
>drop back to the level that it was set to put out.
>I have also seen it is person with an Icom IC-781 87A combo - with
>the same set of symptoms that John described.  Just swapping out
>the radio to a diffrent one (just as John did) solved any troubles.
>I would guess that there might be a way to correct this - and I
>would ocntact Ten-Tec.
>George Fremin III
>Johnson City, Texas             "Experiment trumps theory."
>K5TR (ex.WB5VZL)                            -- Dave Leeson W6NL

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