Update on [TenTec] Powering an Omni-6+ from a 9420?

Eric Rosenberg wd3q@erols.com
Mon, 23 Jul 2001 21:58:29 -0400

Thanks to everyone for their interesting responses.  I've also heard 
from Paul Clinton, Ten Tec Service Manager.

The responses I've heard are generally the following:
- The combination (9420, Herc 2 and Omni-6+) work together for me
- Like you, I can't power the Omni-6+ from the 9420
- I managed to get the 9420 to power the Omni-6+

Here's some more detail on answer #2:  "Like you, I can't power the 
Omni-6+ from the 9420"
	Generally speaking, those in this category had the same symptoms I 
had.  Power supply hums, rig won't power.  Most were told or of the 
belief that their problem was due to having an older model Omni that 
used the crystal oven instead of the TCXO on the logic board.  No one, 
however, reported that updating the board made a difference in re: 
powering the rig!  They *did* however, report that the upgraded board 
enhanced the performance of the Omni!

Re: #3 "I managed to get the 9420 to power the Omni-6+"
	To the person, this involved tweaking R2 on the 9420 control board -- 
the one that controls the voltage output -- until the rig powered 
on.  Considering that there is 220 vAC into the unit and a lot of 
current out of the unit, I'm really reluctant to do this, although I 
suspect it may be the culprit.

Paul Clinton of TT suggested I ship them the rig and power supply (not 
cheap) for them to look at and cure.  What that will cost or entail, 
considering that neither unit is under warranty, is beyond me.

Again, thanks for all your comment to this point! Any other 

73, Eric W3DQ
Washington, DC

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