[TenTec] question on SSB and Omni V

Tim and Nancy Logan cyr999@extremezone.com
Thu, 26 Jul 2001 22:42:02 -0700

Hello Folks - I've been operating a K2 and Omni-C since last fall. I
recently sold the Omni-C so I could by the rig of my dreams - an Omni V.
I absolutlely love it. 

I've been in HAM for 1 year and am quite technically ignorant - to say
the least. About 8 or 9 months ago I got totally hooked on CW, got a
code buddy thru the Fists Club, and have been using cw ever since.

Tonite I listened to SSB for awhile on my Omni V for the first time. I
don't know if it's the summer propagation or my imagination, but it
seems as if it is harder to get the precise point on the dial where
received audio is best from a particular station - as compared to the
K2. At the moment I cannot directly compare it with the K2 as I sold my
first one and am building a second one. 

I think I read somewhere on e-ham a comment about the "narrow sound" of
the Omni Vs and VIs on SSB. I might be wrong. I think the sound quality
on SSB is just fine.....it does seem as though you have to be a little
more precise about tuning in on SSB than I remember with the K2. This
makes it a little harder to "tune around" fast. I hope this is making
sense.  So, is there something different about the Omni's from most HF
rigs or is it just my imagination since I have not been on SSB for so
many months? Either way it doesn't affect my huge liking for the
Omni....simply peaks my curiosity. Thank you. Regards, Tim Logan KB7OEX

Yes I realize this is an idiot question - but sometimes you just have to
ask hi hi. Any comments would be appreciated. Thank you. Regards, Tim

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