[TenTec] Still giant list of items for sale - QRP/Paragon/VHF/tuners/more

Scott Rosenfeld [N7JI] ham@w3eax.umd.edu
Sat, 28 Jul 2001 12:04:15 -0400 (EDT)

All prices are negotiable - package deals and offers considered.
Trades possible but not of first priority.

HF RIGS (QRP and otherwise)

Ten-Tec Paragon 585, excellent condition.  General coverage HF xcvr.  Box,
manual, desk mic, std. filters, Giehl chipset.			$900

Radio Shack HTX-100 10m SSB/CW mobile, good cond. w/box		$125

Oak Hills Research "Classic," 20/40m QRP CW rig.  Some scrapes but works
well.  Electronic keyer installed.  W/manual.			$155

Small Wonder Labs SW40 40m QRP CW rig w/painted factory case.  Nearly
perfect condition, w/manual.					$80

Ten-Tec 1340, great phys. cond, not quite working.  		$70

Emtech 40m QRP CW rig.  Manual is somewhere around here.	$80


UNBUILT LDG QRP tuner kit w/case, manual.  $110.

JPS ANC-4 noise cancelling unit.  Cancels out noise on ANTENNA side
thus preventing it from ever reaching RX.  Excellent cond w/sense
antenna, box, and manual.  $140.

AEA VHF-121 Graphing VHF antenna analyzer.  Excellent shape except
a few lines of the LCD are apparently non-functional.  About $400 new,
asking $225.

Palomar PT-340 Tuner-Tuner - for pre-tuning your antenna audibly.
Excellent condition, sell for $99 new, asking $65.  Req. 9V battery.

Autek WM-1 computing wattmeter PEP/avg computing wattmeter.  Unit is in
near-perfect condition physically but I seem to remember something about
it not working last time I tried it a year ago.  Sells for $133 new,
asking $85 as no wattmeter is that hard to fix...I just don't have the
time to think about it right now.				$85

Radio Shack digital wattmeter, MTA-20.  New in box.  Works down to a watt
(use one myself for QRP) and up to 2kW.	 Part #21-527.		$50

MFJ-934 combination 300w antenna tuner / artificial ground.  New in box.
New price is $169.  Theoretically eliminates RF current on equipment
chassis by creating current sink on either actual ground wire or single
counterpoise thrown out window, laid along floor, etc.		$130

VHF radios

Alinco DR-610 2m/440 mobile.  Excellent condition w/box, manual, $360

Radio Shack HTX-212 50w 2m mobile FM, excellent condition.	$120.

Radio Shack HTX-242 50w 2m mobile FM, excellent condition.	$135.

Alinco DJ-F1T 2m HT w/extended RX range.  Excellent condition.  Comes
w/battery, charger, antenna, and manual				$140

Yaesu FT-50R w/FTT-12 DVR keypad.  Excellent condition w/box, etc, $240

Radio Shack PRO-2039 base scanner, cell blocked, exc. cond. in box,$150

Radio Shack Pro-51 handheld scanner, cell blocked, exc. cond. in box,$150


MFJ-432 Voice keyer, excellent cond w/box & manual. $120 new.	$90
MFJ-564 chrome paddles.  $50 new, exc. cond.			$37

VHF amps

Radio Shack HTA20 30w 2m amp, exc. cond.			$45
Non-working Radio Shack HTA20, don't remember why not wkg.	$20
Mirage B23 30w 2m amp, on/off switch installed, VG cond.	$55
RF Concepts VHF-1-60 2m HT amplifier, 1w in gives 60w out.	$130
  (designed for FM but who knows, modifiable for class AB?)

Again, I am interested in making room in my garage and not so much with
backfilling with additional equipment...trades considered but would
much rather just sell.

Offers and package deals considered.

Scott Rosenfeld  ARS N7JI
541-684-9970  Eugene, OR  Land o' much rain
If you find me on the air, I'm probably in my car
ham@w3eax.umd.edu  http://w3eax.umd.edu/~ham

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