FW: RE: [TenTec] Omni 6 keyer speed fix

Radiodan W7RF RFpower@radiodan.com
Thu, 31 May 2001 22:52:42 -0700

Dave is not subscribed but reads the digest. He has given me permission to
post this for him.
He offers some additional options for the mounting of this .01 uf capacitor
to cure the varying speed of the internal keyer on the OMNI 6/6+.
73, Dan W7RF


Thanks for posting the information from Don Prouty of TenTec.  I'm sure it
will be beneficial to many who have experienced this problem with their

FWIW:  I placed the capacitor across the "other end of the brown and violet
wires" at the KEYER SPEED control several years ago and it cured the problem
for me.  It is easier to solder a small cap to the pot than to the
connector.   This may not work for everyone, especially if they have RF
floating around the shack.

Alternative to soldering to connector "D", one may form small "loops" in the
capacitor leads, remove connector "D", place the loops over the outside pins
of the mating connector on the Logic Board, and crimp the capacitor looped
leads to the pins with a small needle nose pliers, and reinstall connector

73, Dave, K1FK
Fort Kent, ME

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