[TenTec] Re:Stateside Military Ops

Lawrence Kozal redmold@earthlink.net
Thu, 15 Nov 2001 04:51:15 -0500

What I do know is that stateside AWACS ops is interfering with "C" band TV
and radio network broadcast satellite reception (3-4 GHz). Evident on at
least two local TV channels when they are conveying network or syndicated
programming - periodic (11 second) lockup of picture.

Wonder if the AWACS digital networking sigs to/from their control centers
aren't overloading our HF rx frontends - they sure overload the LNB's on the
C band dishes - only cure there has been a $400 dollar filter ahead of the
LNB in the throat of the feedhorn.

Larry K8PUJ
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> yes i have noticed this as well along with other strange goings on.
> signals peak at approx 58 deg true according to my vertical array and
> very loud especially between 2200-2330 z not a domestic broadcast
> ken w8ob
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