[TenTec] interferance on 40 & 20 meters

Paul Craig n3ysi@rcn.com
Thu, 15 Nov 2001 06:43:24 -0500

Esteemed List Members,
    If you examine the ARRL band plan (gents agreement) for 40 meters you
will find that 7.040 is listed not only as the qrp frequency but also as the
digital dx calling frequency. As a dedicated qrp op, we have been living
with this for years and it's not going to change. What does change, and on a
daily basis is propagation. Ask anyone who participates in the qrp fox hunts
(going on for the last 4 years) how a frequency may be selected for clarity
and 40 minutes into the hunt, digital dx floats in and just blows the
qrp'ers on the east coast out of the picture.
    Considering the propagation changes, think of 40 as an example of what
is a far greater problem on 20. We all know this band is great for dx and
that due to the changing propagation stations may be in mid qso when an
abrupt change creates an interfering situation. Actually both stations were
in their rights when the qso's began and then the band condx made them aware
of one another. This is when we are called upon to be the true gentlemen of
amateur radio and qsy to avoid interfering with and being interfered by the
other stations. It doesn't matter who was there first because you both were.
In other parts of the world, stations do not have the same band width that
we have here and there frequency selection for digital modes may well be
correct for them. It is the "gods of propagation" we have to thank for
hearing those stations as though they were right next door.
My 2 cents.
Paul n3ysi
Quakertown, PA