[TenTec] 4-pin inline male mic jack

Stuart Rohre rohre@arlut.utexas.edu
Thu, 29 Nov 2001 16:06:37 -0600

Hi Mark,

A little known fact, is often there are parts of phone plug covers for
inline that will fit some chassis jacks.  Experiment around at Radio Shack
or your junk box, and see if you can use a plastic phone plug back end, of
the quarter inch style, for this mike jack of the chassis style and roll
your own inline connector.  Other things I have used for in line adapters,
have included some surplus push button switch housings, for a nice little
square box adapter shell.
Finally, Radio Shack has some little plastic boxes, as does The Container
Store, to which you could mount chassis multi pin jacks or plugs, and do the
job for you.

Another solution is use chassis jacks, and cover the exposed solder lugs
with a piece of shrink tubing that goes over the threaded portion of the
jack.  Use a smaller diameter shrink tube to strain relieve the cable
entering the larger shrink, and this will be pretty stiff and durable and
looks good as well.  I have done all of these as the occasion has required.
Stuart K5KVH