[TenTec] Re: Amplifier selections

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Fri, 5 Apr 2002 18:14:30 EST

I would much prefer to own a TT Centurion that an Ameritron AL-1200.  I 
 purchased a new AL-1200 last year and was very unhappy with it: 1) The 
 was very noisy even when I ran it at a slower speed than recommended.   2) 
It's output was less than a Centurion... it averaged 1,200 watts maximum 
No offense to anyone... I just didn't like the Ameritron's high noise level & 
low output.
73, Richard- K9OM
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 rtgsdad@mchsi.com writes:
 << John,
  I had an AL-1200 and loved it (sold it to my brother) and now run an
  AL-1500.  FYI, the AL-1200 is not instant on; the 3CX1200A7 is ceramic and
  has about same warm-up time as the 8877...but it is full-output albeit
  requiring more drive than that AL-1500.  My one concern is parasitic
  suppression and tuning on higher bands, and likely I will install parasitic
  chokes on the AL-1500 to kill problems with VHF oscillation (still unsure on
  doing it).
  do you mean the AL-82, running 3-500Zs?  I think it uses the same PS as the
  others and in 10 years of Ameritrons I (for one) haven't had any problems.
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