[TenTec] ARRL reviews

Joe Malloy jmalloy@hamilton.edu
Wed, 10 Apr 2002 14:24:34 -0400

I think you can pretty much tell the opinion of the ARRL's staff, both
technical and non, by reading reviews both literally and "between the
lines".  Actually, they write reviews pretty much like I write letters of
recommendation for students: you can tell how positive the letter is by
*what* is emphasized (i.e., whether it matters) and by how much.  You have
to write -- and read! -- letters/reviews that way in this litigious age!


Joe, W2RBA

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> I think you guys have lost sight of who pays the big bills at ARRL
> advertizing. Now how would you write your report?
> would you offend a big spender or a little one, regardless of how the lab
> tests turn out? Any way ARRL has lost total sight of their original
> objective and have no creditability with me.  Personal opinion
> only 73 Paul
> K9OT