[TenTec] Saving memories on Jupiter

j justo@maplenet.net
Mon, 15 Apr 2002 14:42:56 -0500

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From: "Brian Haren" <bharen@bellsouth.net>

> Chris' question brings up a good point.  Obviously, with updateable
> firmware, it's possible for the folks at TT to program a wide range of
> features and improvements into the Jupiter and Pegasus.  ............
> Why not run a special forum for a
> few weeks where Jupiter and Pegasus owners submit their 'top ten' list of
> features they'd like to see added to both radios via a firmware update.
> Someone (perhaps the moderator?) then compiles a final 'top ten' from
> eveyone's submissions and forwards the list to TT.  .........

i think brian makes a good point.  i also realize, as s.one else posted,
that others w/i this group are interested in TT's other products.  so, in
order to keep some kind of order and not to leave out anyone, how about if
we get s.one from this list to head up compiling a "wish-list" for whatever
TT product(s) they're interested in and those of us who have "wishes" can
then submit them to the appropriate person?

then, each voluteer can compile the info for each product and submit it to
the list as a single post (rather than many posts) for each product.  TT can
then use these posts to prioritize their projects and/or give them added
insight as to what their customers want.

to start things off, i would be willing to collect your ideas for the
jupiter.  after a week or so, i'll collate e.one's "wishes" that pertain to
the jupiter and submit a compiled post for that item.  anyone else want to
do the same for the RX-320 and RX-350 that rick mentioned (or any other TT