[TenTec] Question: TT 526 as a Transverter?

Bill ROWLETT kc4atu@yahoo.com
Thu, 5 Dec 2002 10:11:15 -0800 (PST)

Hi Mark,

If I remember correct the 526 has a jack for the low
level 2m IF to run transverters. If you use this jack,
you can not use the rig for 2m's. A switch in the line
for this jack may give a way to open this line so it
looks like nothing is connected, therefore you are
able to run normal two meters. Not sure, but may be
worth a shot. 

Using a switch in the antenna line is not a great idea
because you may forget that it is switched to the
transverter and hit it with full power. Most
transverters will object to full power, even at the
level of the 526. Replacing transverters is no fun.

Good luck.

73,  Bill  kc4atu

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