[TenTec] Paragon output trouble

PA2DWH Dick speltaal@xs4all.nl
Mon, 16 Dec 2002 21:40:48 +0100

Hi all,

My Paragon has a strange problem. The higher I get in frequency, the lower
the output power becomes. On 20 it's 100W, on 15 50W and 10 meters gives
only 25W.
The problem started after replacing C25 in the final amp, after it had
turned 0 Ohms.

Anyone who can give a clue please send me a mail, thank you in advance!

D.W. Harms

144 MHz DX-station.

Home made transceiver with DDS.
ATF 54143 preamp (0.25 dB at IIP3 of +6 dB).
Final amp: GS35b.
Antenna: single 10 element.

Home page: http://www.qsl.net/pa2dwh