[TenTec] Centurion with 2 rigs

Jim jlboockh@earthlink.net
Tue, 17 Dec 2002 09:53:03 -0600

I have a Centurion amp that works fine in QSK mode with my Omni VI+. I 
would like also to use the Centurion with my Pegasus without 
disconnecting the Omni VI+.
I am thinking of connecting the EXT T/R jack on the Pegasus to the 
PTT/VOX jack on the Centurion and using it in the digital modes.

Gary Greene at Ten Tec says the Pegasus can switch the Centurion voltage 
safely but that it might harm the Centurion. When I asked him how it 
would hurt the amp, he could not explain. He just said that he "wouldn't 
recommend it".

Has anyone on the list used the above setup? Can anyone suggest why it 
might damage the Centurion to have it connected to two amps, one in QSK 
mode and one in PTT/VOX  mode? Thanks!