[TenTec] Year's end thoughts re Tentec gear, life, and ham radio

k7gt@attbi.com k7gt@attbi.com
Mon, 30 Dec 2002 22:11:57 +0000

Greetings all and Happy New Year.

I have done enough buying and selling of Tentec (and other) gear on this reflector 
recently that I felt I ought to say a few words of thanks to the gang. Thanks for putting up 
with me. Thanks for posting your gear for sale here rather than on eBay. Thanks for 
working out a deal  and visa versa.  Thanks for sharing your experiences and ideas
for improvements. The dust is almost settled and I should soon have two complete 
Tentec stations with QSK amps for an attempt at making up a SO2R setup.  Also a 
complete spare Corsair I station. Even my  QRP rig is a Tentec!

Tentec gear isn't perfect by any means, but at least the innards are accessible. And,
with the help of this reflector and TT service, it is probably the friendliest radio gear

Life has taught us all a few bitter lessons in the past few years. Our family in particular
greatly misses our father who passed away in February.  Many of us will be facing these 
issues even more as many of us from the 'Baby Boom' generation age and retire. I 
suppose the take-home lesson here is to live fully, thankfully, and cheerfully while we 
have our loved ones with us. 

Let's try to be a bit more forgiving, a bit more understanding, a bit more patient this
year.  Yes, and a bit more tolerant, too.  Even I pick up a mike once in a while...
Let's likewise try to get on the air a bit more, push Amateur Radio, and use it for what it 
can truly be-- a way to communicate with others, make new friends, renew friendships,
and learn from others. And not neglect those more important people in our lives. 

73 and God bless..

dit dit 

Allan  K7GT

Pleasanton CA