[TenTec] Jupiter Cooling Fan?

Bwana Bob wb2vuf@qsl.net
Mon, 30 Dec 2002 15:37:31 -0500


I used light aluminum "L" brackets attached to a 12 V computer type fan.
The brackets are attached to the heat sink on my Paragon using aluminum
foil tape. Not elegant, but easy to remove and no holes to drill!

For controlling the fan I used a Rainbow kits temperature controller kit
with 2 transistors added to drive the fan. The temperature sensor is
attached to the power supply heat sink (which runs hotter than the
transceiver) with foil tape. The only problem I have is that the
temperature controller circuit is sensitive to RF, so on certain bands,
where there is some RF in the shack, the fan circuit turns on. I
probably need to shield the box and the cable to the temperature sensor.
The easy way, of course, is to use an manual switch of find one of those
bi-metallic thermostats.


			Bob WB2VUF

Gary Jacek wrote:
> The TT Jupiter manual recommends a cooling fan for operating in digital modes.
> Does anyone have a recommended way to mount a fan on the heat sink?  What size?
> Powered off the 12V Accessory outlet?  Thermostatically controlled?
> Tell me how you did it, preferably with photos.
> Gary
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