[TenTec] Omni VI Plus freq. readout

Joe Blackwell aa4nn@earthlink.net
Thu, 3 Oct 2002 12:37:19 -0400

Hey, I'm hoping this thread about frequency accuracy is going to die, or
maybe should die.  Enough is enuff, already.  Okay, so you have your rig
down to 7.011.016 just for your own gratification.  Then you fill out a QSL
card and what do you write on it?  40m?  7mHz? or do you write 7.011.016
just to challenge the other guys receive frequency?  If you want accuracy
in your equipment, that's okay.  I like that idea.  Sounds good to me. 
Most of us don't have measuring equipment and are just pleased to know we
work within the bands.  Maybe there should be a reflector for Ten-Tec guys
who can't sleep nights because their omnipotent rig drifted .006 Hz last
night.  Hmmm, maybe that N'easter wind did it!  geesh
de Joe, aa4nn (Century/21, Triton 540, Corsair II, Omni VI+, Pegasus, qr