[TenTec] Just one more freq-stability comment - thought...

James Fonte james.fonte@callisma.com
Thu, 3 Oct 2002 18:55:13 -0500


You know...it just occurred to me --- most of our newer transceivers use
some form of TCXO for dynamic frequency control -- if "we" develop a
control-board that would extract common GPS data (say from a Garmin
GPS-whatever), it would be possible to scale the TCXO from its inherent
Stratum 3 or 3E accuracy to derived Stratum 1 -- building holdover control
into the the control-board would allow the TCXO to maintain Stratum
1-derived-accuracy over several weeks, that is if the TCXO control loses GPS
data input.

Hey...this is big!  Do you realize that this would make our TCXO-controlled
ham radio equipment virtually self-calibrating and extremely accurate?

This GPS-derived clocking accuracy-control is used everyday in the telecomm
industry -- it would work with our stuff too!

<sigh!> Who would need a frequency counter or a service monitor?
   Jim, K9FI

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