[TenTec] Jupiter Microphone?

Mike Hyder -N4NT- N4NT@charter.net
Sun, 6 Oct 2002 18:46:23 -0400

Is this a rhetorical question?  I mean......like......who cares?


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Interesting! All of the Hallicrafters CBs included mics. Maybe they started
it. I'm not sure which rig TenTec first included a mic. no which import. I
think the Omni series came with a mic but I can't think of any JA rigs that
did so in the 70s and 80s.
Anyone got the story on this?
Steve Ellington N4LQ.
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> At 12:46 PM 10/06/2002 -0400, Ron Notarius WN3VAW wrote:
> >2.    I think Ten-Tec holds themselves to a higher quality standard than
> >least some of the other manufacturer's, so whatever the actual cost of
> >mike would, I'm sure they would use a higher quality one.
> >3.    Cost to manufacturer is irrelevant.  Do you really think that just
> >because the cost of the mike might be $10-$15-$20, that's all that SOME
> >manufacturer's would raise the cost of the radio?
> ETC, ETC............
> Ron, you could also have mentioned that originally, no manufacturers
> included mikes with radios.... (or keys, either!)
> Hallicrafters, National, RME, Collins, etc. provided a Hi-Z input and
> hams did the rest, depending on their tastes....
> This "mike included" idea must have originated in the Far East!
> You might remember that TenTec was founded by Al Kahn, who had
> founded Electro-Voice, which bought RME, etc.   (or vice versa?)  Al was
> one of the
> pioneer manufacturers....
> Ironically, Al Kahn built microphones at EV...  :-)
> Ah, history..... isn't it grand...
> Perry