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Jerry Harley wa2tti@qsl.net
Wed, 09 Oct 2002 14:41:17 -0400

Or a Triton II for $200.  I have one for 200

n4lq@iglou.com wrote:

>Yea but if you had saved $300 and bought a Pegasus then you couldn't have 
>run the Pegasus in Jupiter mode either and then where would you be? Of 
>course, you could have taken the $300 and bought a Triton IV which 
>requires no software and have 2 rigs....
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>>OK, here's a question I can't seem to find the answer to anywhere.  The
>>Jupiter programmer's guide says that there are two modes for
>>controlling the
>>Pegasus emulation mode makes the Jupiter look like a Pegasus -- it uses
>>Pegasus command set and DISABLES the front panel, while Jupiter mode
>>uses a
>>separate Jupiter command set and DOES NOT DISABLE the front panel.
>>Several people have written control software that takes advantage of
>>mode.  Is there no oftware that uses Jupiter mode, so that I can retain
>>front panel control and display?  If I wanted my front panel disabled,
>>would have bought a Pegasus and saved $300. :)
>>I tried the Jupiter-specific version of PegasusPlus, but it too puts
>>radio in Pegasus mode.
>>Anyone know about something I missed?  Any ideas appreciated.
>>     Scott
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