[TenTec] Open wire

AC5E@aol.com AC5E@aol.com
Wed, 16 Oct 2002 15:24:51 EDT

My experience with open wire line only goes back to 1949 but it pretty well 
parallels N4LQ's. I don't want ladder line anywhere close to my shack, or my 
neighbors TV's and telephones. 

I don't know how much Steve has or had up, but I have two 300 foot runs 
feeding half rhombics (Vee beams, if you prefer) through 9:1 Amidon baluns 
fed with RG213, right now. 

Works FB, but - they are at the farm and over a thousand feet from a 
neighbor, 100 feet from my rigs, and the baluns are twenty plus feet off the 
ground. No TVI complaints - and I don't have a telephone of any sort on the 

Here at the house? No thanks, been there, done that, never again. I prefer 
peace and quiet and midnight telephone calls when the guy next door cannot 
watch the "adult" channel is not conducive to that. Or to a decent 
sweepstakes score. 

73 to all  Pete Allen  AC5E