[TenTec] Open wire and Icom users...

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Dear DK
You've obviously done something wrong and missed out on all the fun. Try 
running your feeder closer to your computers, change the feeder or 
antenna length and increase power to 1.5kw. If this doesn't help, try 
wetting your lips with salt water.

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> I don't use open-wire, but I do use 450-ohm ladder line and a 4:1...
> never
> used anything special for feeder length, and my Vee's legs are a random
> length (162' each).  Tuner is grounded, as is everything else... and
> the
> ground rods are only for safety and static dissipation- not part of the
> RF
> circuit... no beads or chokes.  I've run this configuration on all HF
> bands, and built it long before I bought my T_T gear... so the arrow
> should
> also be pointed to Icom/Heathkit enthusiasts.  With the mismatches
> inherant
> to all band operation into a random-length wire, I just got tired of
> replacing burned-out coax... wind it up past 200w, and something'd go
> fritz.  I've never been concerned about efficiency and loss- I usually
> run
> barefoot, and regardless, I don't seem to have any serious problems
> with
> performance, no noise problems (even with 6+ computers, two hubs, two
> switches, and a router running in the shack).
> The only time I've ever recieved a burned-lip from a hot microphone...
> was
> back in high-school jazz band-  my bass was connected to the school's
> Kustom bass amplifier (a 'groovie' metalflake blue vinyl 200w job, with
> a
> spring-reverb and mushy old Jensen speaker), and the stage microphone
> was
> connected to a Kustom PA amplifier... the amps' switches were flipped
> to
> opposite polarity, and there was a ground fault...  needless to say, my
> performance that evening was reported to be quite electrifying.  The
> next
> day, I bought Peavey amp, a polarity tester, and a surplus 2kva
> isolation
> transformer.  Mounted the transformer inside the Peavey's 15" speaker
> cabinet, put wheels on it, and haven't been bit since... sure helped
> eliminate 'mike fright'.  :-}
> DK  :-)
> >So on we go with ideas about using balanced tuners, current baluns, 
> >counterpoise, multitudes of ground rods, changing length of feeders, 
> >floating tuners, RF chokes, ferrite beads, special antenna lengths
> etc. 
> >and all the time we keep bragging about how our open wires are so 
> >efficient. I love it. 
> >...Now I run RG-
> >213 to a 160m "windom" and joined the coax crowd. My little Lafayette 
> >meter is motionless, no computer noise, no burnt lips, no tuner 
> >needed....What a boring existence!
> >
> >N4LQ
> 73's from KW0D Dave in LeClaire, Iowa
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