[TenTec] Argonaut V

WA3FIY WA3FIY@radioadv.com
Sat, 19 Oct 2002 11:01:42 -0400

Please accept my apology for posting this twice.   When I responded to Chris' 
posting I should have changed the subject since some may bypass the discussion 
on the "other" group but want to see discussion of the Argonaut.


First of all Ditto to Chris' comments regarding Yahoo.  I don't 
understand the reason for segmenting the group and I especially 
don't understand why anyone would want to "join" a Yahoo 
discussion group.  

OK, confession time.   I've had my 'V two days now and have been 
silent here.   Shame on me.   I'm sorry!   :-)    Actually, I wanted to
use it some before I make comments.   I find that perceived deficiencies
often are the result of a lack of knowledge in the operation of a piece of
equipment or software.  But, since there is nothing here yet on the 'V,
here goes.

First impression - small and neat.   Somehow the published 
dimensions didn't prepare me for the actual device.   This will 
make a really nice "grab-n-go" radio.

WOW! what a heat sink!   I would not be surprised to find that 
the heat sink has more surface area than the heat sink on my 
Argosy which runs 50 watts as you know.   I'm still going to ask 
Santa for a fan assembly though for those digital modes.

Next impression - the manual is something to behold!  The 
Pegasus manual is basic, the Jupiter manual is pretty good, the 
Argonaut manual is wonderful!   Lots of operational stuff but 
what is surprising is the amount of technical information about 
the radio.   And tons of schematics.   Someone ask if there are 
complete specs on the rig?   YES.   The manual has two pages of 

OK, how does it work you ask?    Well, so far I am quite pleased.  
I have it sitting beside a Jupiter for the moment and can do 
some A/B comparisons.   Although I have not had enough seat 
time form a detailed impression, what little bit of operating and 
listening I've done leaves me with a good impression.   CW works 
very nicely, as one would expect of Ten Tec.  Virtually perfect 
shaping.....no key clicks I bet, and seamless break-in.  I've also 
had good reports on sideband.  

On SSB, after working with it for a while I got rid of the 
supplied mic and put on a Shure 444.   That was the first big 
improvement.   I've been playing with the speech processing but 
cannot say anything for sure about how well it does or does not 
work yet.   I need to make a better monitoring arrangement 
before I say anything.   For now I use the radio with the SP off 
and the mic gain at 50% with the Shure.   Everyone tells me I 
have a nice signal.

Controls - this is an area where you do need to study the manual 
a little bit.  You can put the rig on the air without cracking the 
book but there are lots of features that you can only find by 
reading the manual.  I like the arrangement of linking the menu 
selections of a particular feature to the button that selects that 
feature.   Take the keyer for instance.   First push of the KEYR 
button selects "off/speed".  Next push selects sidetone 
frequency, [more about this in a minute] next push selects 
sidetone volume and next push selects weighting.   I like this 
layout.  So it goes with VOX and some other features as well.

CW Spotting - at first I was disappointed that there is no 
spotting function.   I have a hearing problem that makes it 
difficult to get right on frequency by ear only.   Then I thought 
about using the sidetone setting option.   Works like a champ!   
Here's how it goes.   Select KEYR and sidetone frequency.  Let's 
say it is set at 700 hZ.   You will hear the sidetone .  Now, tune 
the CW signal with the main tuning until you hear a beat between 
the tuned signal and the sidetone.  Lower the beat to as close to 
zero as you can get and you are on frequency.  Hit KEYR again as 
needed to exit and you are set go.

This is getting to be pretty long.  More later when I have a 
better feel for how the radio is doing.

Let's hear from some other 'V users.



On 19 Oct 2002 at 8:21, Chris Robson wrote:

> I for one would like to hear about the new Argonaut, however from past
> experiences, I won't partake in any listserve on Yahoo. Let's keep Ten
> Tec stuff here where you don't need a special handshake or a membership
> or the like. This list is well served and maintained. It has good
> insightful feedback and I don't have to be HTMLed to death. This is only
> my opinion, if others wish to stray so be it.
> 73, Chris KB3A