[TenTec] Argonaut V---One Great Rig

Ken & Linda Burrough w8keb@1st.net
Tue, 22 Oct 2002 16:57:07 -0400

Hi All

The Argonaut V is one great rig!  I have had mine for 35 hours now and have
made about 10 contacts, eight on CW and two on SSB.  The receiver is in one
word Great.  The IF DSP Filter system is very good, better then my Pegasus.
The Fixed AGC works very well, seems to be fast action on CW and slower on
SSB, but any way it works.  The AGC has not pumped in the short time I have
operated the Argo 5.

My Argonaut V is the TCXO model and it is on frequency and stays there.  I
also have the Cooling Fan Kit.  I will be on PSK-31 in the next day or so.
The bottom firing speaker is good, sounds very much my old Triton Four
Digital however I have the 307 speaker and that really makes the audio

The QSK is up to Ten-Tec standards, in other words, the best of them all.
Don't forget to change the VOX Hang time to zero for the best QSK.  The
first cw contact was with the VOX factory adjusted for SSB and at 25 wpm it
was gone.  I then read the manual, always read the manual second, operate

The wife just said supper is on the table so 73 from The Buzzard Roost.