[TenTec] Omni D Series B problem

Ben K8DIT benk8dit@serv.net
Sat, 26 Oct 2002 20:10:08 -0700

I started up a new to me omni D and it seemed to recieve ok. I tried it on
xmit and I got a good audio report on ssb.
Then a whiff of smoke started coming form just above the tuning knob. The
smoke was an awful plastic smell and continued to smolder after I shut the
xcvr down. Upon opening the cabinet, I felt a rather warm display control
cabinet, but upon opening it there was no visible damage. Befor shutting it
down I noted that only the light above the tuning knob was smoking, I
believe the rig wouldve continued to run but didnt want to chance a fire.
The light above the tuning knob seemed brighter than it should have been. I
cannot get to this light unless I remove things I dont want to get into
until I ask if anyone had this problem before and what it might be. Answers
both on/off the list are welcome. Thanks