[TenTec] Paragon vs Paragon II

Steve Ellington n4lq@iglou.com
Sat, 31 Aug 2002 21:51:43 -0400

The original Paragon used a standard 9v battery to retain memory and tended
not to last very long. The P2 used a more modern disc type battery and
seldom needed changing. The P1 was known for PLL unlocking problems. This
was cured in the P2. I think the price difference is worth it.
Steve Ellington N4LQ.
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> I've never owned or operated either rig; would someone be kind enough to
> explain the differences in the two? If there is a website somewhere that
> details this, I'd sure appreciate a link. I didn't find much with a google
> search on either of them.
> I notice that the PII's are much less common and priced quite a bit
> is there a good reason for this or is it mostly the rarity? From what I've
> read of them, I think a Paragon will make me a good get-back-into-hamming
> rig; I'm about 98% cw and the other 2% swl...it looks like there is a lot
> bang for the buck in the Paragon at today's prices. I've had a couple of
> Corsair II's and loved them.
> All guidance will be appreciated!
> Thanks and 73,
> Travis N5AY
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