[TenTec] jupiter questions

MIKE BRYCE prosolar@sssnet.com
Sun, 01 Sep 2002 15:07:02 -0400


At the dayton 2002 hamvention I broke down and got a new jupiter. it's been
a lot of fun but there's some things that i sure have had some problems

running version 1.19 firmware

1. my old corsair II has the 250 hz crystal filter installed. when you tune
in a cw station and hit the bandwidth of the 250 hz filter, you know you
have the signal centered. the signal "pops" out when you have the station
tuned.On the jupiter, at 300 hz you don't seem to get  the same effect. I
find it hard to tell if the signal is really in the center of the filter.

2. Every now and then the CW stations have a raspy sound to them as though
the radio is hearing the signal off freq. Nothing I seem to be able to do
clears up the tone.

3. The autonotch is a real disappointment. Most of the time turning it on
does nothing to get rid of the tuning upper on frequency. And sometimes it
does work, but nothing to write home about.

so there you have it. anyone with any ideas?

it's not like I am new to ten tec radios, there's over twenty here in the
shack, but the jupiter has been somewhat ho hum in some regards..

mike... wb8vge