[TenTec] Even MORE on vertical antennas!

James Duffer dufferjames@hotmail.com
Tue, 03 Sep 2002 07:36:27 -0500


>When I lived in FL I had 2 antennas, one a Butternut HF6V with WARC bands
>and a center fed 125 ft wire.  I had the Butternut set up for the digital
>portion of each of the bands.  The wire antenna used a balanced feed and a
>tuner.  I tuned it to the frequency I wanted to operate.  I noticed when
>working digital modes that as a signal went into a fade on one antenna it
>was most often up in strength on the other one.  From that, I made a timed
>and sequenced switcher.  When I noticed a signal beginning to fade, I
>manually flipped a switch and during the next non-transmit interval the
>system swapped antennas.  I made many QSOs that way and rarely lost a


Sort of a poor man's "space diversity" antenna system...HI

73, Jim, wd4air

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