[TenTec] Re: Jupiter firmware problems...NOT! (SO!... )

tongaloa tongaloa@alltel.net
Mon, 2 Sep 2002 12:24:35 -0400

I do not like the idea of paying for software updates which are
now free, without something in exchange. That something being
a lower price on the hardware and an open source approach to the
software so that we could 'roll our own' tweaks. Under a GPL type 
license, TenTec would benefit from third party effort applied to the
code because it is written for their radios!

I for one would be all over a <$500 computer controlled receiver
built around a single SHARC processor if I had access to the source 
code to add to and  modify at will. I suspect there would be a huge 
crossover of computer hobbiests who are interested in DSP and TenTec 
would see huge sales compared to their traditional amateur market.

A significant number of these purchasers will become interested
enough in ham radio to want a transmitter as well. A rising tide
of purchasers for all TT products!

If TT does not follow this course, someone else will.

Bob wb4mnf