[TenTec] Need Argonaut Part

Ted Wagner trwagner1@yahoo.com
Tue, 3 Sep 2002 18:28:17 -0700 (PDT)

Hello.  I want to thank everyone who responded to my ealier question in
July about knobs.  I was able to solve my problem rather quickly about
finding a knob.  Had many emails and all were quite helpful.

I have one other request.  I have not found reference to the name of
this part in the Argonaut manual I have.  So, I'm at a loss about what
to call this gadget.

Once I got my 1/2 wave 80 meter loop up, I connected the radio to the
antenna/tuner and started listening around.  Whenever I would try to
change bands, it sounded like it wasn't changing at all.  I had sort of
a far off sound (forget the physics term for this).  Anyway, I took the
front panel of the argonaut and found the problem immediately.

The shaft that connects to the band selector has a plastic piece around
it secured by a very small screw.  That plastic piece is kind of the
shape of a WWI tank...round on the ends, long bottom and short top. 
Around the rounded edges are fasted a rod (rod on each end).  These
traverse over to the left to another plastic piece which is secure
around another shaft that goes into the radio.  BOTH plastic pieces
were cracked AND broken around both shafts.  So, whenever the band
selector was moved, I wasn't actually changing the band at all.

This piece is one unit.  I cannot remove the rods from the plastic
pieces.  My question is this...

What is this called?

Anyone know where I can get a plastic part like this?

I know someone from TenTec reads this list and has previously responded
to one of my questions...is this something still available from TenTec?

Thank you

Ted Wagner, K9TRW

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