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Robert & Linda McGraw K4TAX RMcGraw@Blomand.Net
Tue, 03 Sep 2002 22:06:54 -0500

I too agree.  Tentec is in the injection molding and tool and die business.
Don't step on the "fires" of Tentec ham radio because you might just put
them out.  Then where'd we be?  In the words of Jimmy Buffet,  "Rice boxes
to the left, &  rice boxes to the right"  etc

Having worked for a company that was and is very successful into software
based DSP systems, there often arose the debate of bug fixes vs.

Look at it this way,  if the product did what it was touted, advertised and
specified to do, then any future software release was an enhancement.  These
were available typically once or twice at the most, per year.  If you wanted
it you best get your checkbook out.  Oh yes, there was a way to prevent
pirate copies.  It worked too.  I know, I was in the support end of the
business.  It was really funny when a customer got a pirate copy from his
buddy and loaded it into his system.  Oh how the phones started ringing.

If the product didn't do what it was touted, advertised or specified to do
then the software release was a bug fix.  Those were free and came bundled a
couple of times per year.  However, any current level of enhancements were
not included in bug fixes.

If the product did something that was not specified or advertised that was
an "un-announced enhancement" and there was No Charge for that feature.
These were kinda neat because they were dormant in the system until such
time as the customer asked for certain things and they were "turned on".  In
certain applications there were operational reasons for not having them

If the product didn't do what the customer wanted or expected then that
would be an enhancement and often entailed "custom software".  At a very big
buck price I might add.  Again, there was a way we prevented pirate copies.

Personally, I'm glad I have a great performing "firmware" radio.  Tentec
Omni VI+


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> Frank, I have to agree with you. Ten-Tec does not need
> us to stay in business. I would hate to see them
> change because of a few who don't know what true
> customer service is.
> 73  Bill  kc4atu
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