[TenTec] This is getting boring

Tony Martin w4foa@voy.net
Wed, 04 Sep 2002 08:55:18 -0400

Amen and Amen.  Doesn't this belong on the antenna reflectors?
What exactly does it have to do with TenTec anyway?
It's amazing how we on this reflector can just beat a dead
horse to a pulp!

Anyone received the TENTEC Argonaut or Orion?????????

Tony, W4FOA

AC5E@aol.com wrote:
> Gyro rotation, first described by Micheal Faraday,  is clearly described in
> almost any standard radio engineering textbook. To quote from Terman's Radio
> Engineers Handbook, 1943 edition: Page 711, first paragraph:
> "The electrons in the ionosphere exist in the presence of the earth's
> magnetic field. Such a magnetic field exerts a force on a moving electron
> that is proportional to the instantaneous velocity of the electron, and to
> the component of the magnetic field at right angles to the direction of
> motion. The direction of this force is at right angles to the direction of
> motion of the electron, and to the component of the magnetic filed producing
> the deflecting effect. (follows an extended description of gyro frequency and
> its effect on electrons and radio waves that propagate in an ionized medium.)
> This trend continues until at a frequency termed the gyro frequency and
> having a value of approximately 1.4 mc (mHz), the electron vibrates in a
> spiral path... in which the velocity becomes increasingly great...."
> "It will be noted that in all cases where the magnetic filed of the earth has
> an influence, the effect is to cause the vibrating electrons to have some
> motion at right angles to the direction of vibration that would exist in the
> absence of a magnetic field. The polarization of the fields reradiated by the
> vibrating electrons will hence differ from that of the passing wave, causing
> the polarization to be affected by the presence of the earth's magnetic
> field."
> Terman continues at length, through page 723, with an extended explanation
> and mathematical explication of what I have already stated more briefly. I
> commend anyone who really wants to know to a book on propagation - with the
> observation that it would be well to make at least a brief survey of optics,
> since it seems some confusion between the behaviour of light "wavicles" and
> UHF and VHF radio waves has arisen.
> And for my part enough is enough.
> 73 Pete Allen  AC5E
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