[TenTec] PTO grease

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I would think some of the Dow Corning viscous fluid in a viscosity range of,
as I recall, 25000 to 50000 might be great.  It's viscosity is very stable
over a wide temperature range and does not appear to evaporate after years
of use.  (We used the stuff as a damping fluid in some disk cutting
equipment at the recording studio.  If anyone has knowledge of a
Scully/Westrex cutting system dash pot, you'll know what I'm speaking of.)


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> I would caution against Lubriplate, it hardened after many years and
> exposure to industrial lab environment in a couple places I know.  I think
> it is petroleum based, like the red greases.  All those seem to harden
> time and heat.  Synthetic grease like Dow 44 High Temperature Ball Bearing
> grease stays pliable after 32 years.  Of course, the temperature and
> humidity environment affects the product, thus in some places Lubriplate
> might work.  In cars, it often hardens in exposure to air and the outside
> elements.  It is what was commonly used for Detroit's hood and trunk
> until more recent greases displaced it.
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