[TenTec] Pegasus Plus observations

Rich McCabe rich@1967z28.com
Fri, 6 Sep 2002 11:54:10 -0500

I have heard that some of the USB port adapters are flakey and I ended up
using an 8 port PCI card.  But, for those who have tried the Pegasus Plus
software before, I know that the communications end of the rig has been
given a complete overhaul. So don't despair, the next BETA release may work
without problems on your USB adapter. (and maybe not.. )

I can't wait to see the licensed version of the software. The developer says
the licensed version of the program will make the current BETA look like an
antique !



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> For a year or so I have used the Entrega USB to serial adaptor with no
> problems. The unit expands the computer USB port to two additional USB
> ports and four serial ports. I believe the model designation is 4S2U.
> I use three of the four serial ports presently and all work correctly.
> expanded USB ports work properly.
> I can highly recommend this unit. It is pricey at about $140 - a year
ago -
> but the software installs readily and the added ports are accommodated in
> my W98SE system with no conflicts. All IRQ and memory assignments are
> handled by the software and the computer thinks that it really has all
> those extra ports, as witnessed by Device Manager. And they all work . . .
> 73/72, George
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> Mark Erbaugh wrote:
> >
> > Lee,
> >
> > > My system seems to be very touchy regarding serial comm.   It
> > > uses USB and USB to serial adaptors.   I tried 6 different
> > > adaptors until I found one that would work with the Ten Tec,
> > > N4PY and some packet software.
> >
> > As you have seen, USB to serial adapters don't appear to be the
> > solution promised. I had the same results. I purchased a USB to serial
> > adapter and it didn't work with N4PY's software nor with my own home
brew. I
> > discovered that the driver didn't support one of the features of serial
> > coms and contacted the manufacturer. They were aware of the problem and
> > allowed me to beta test a new adapter (don't know why they couldn't have
> > just updated the driver with the existing adapter). The updated adapter
> > fixed that one problem, but then broke something else. I discovered that
> > couldn't run both old and new adapters together as the drivers could not
> > coexist and each driver only recognized it's own adapters.
> >
> > Then I figured the solution would be to buy a multi-port serial card (no
> > USB).  I found that it didn't work either.
> >
> > I guess we hams are just trying to connect too much stuff to our
> > <g>. I think the real solution would be for equipment manufacturers to
> > support some sort of multi drop network. Given the state of the art
> > now, I would recommend Ethernet and TCP/IP. I don't know how to do it,
but I
> > think someone could have some success building and selling a little
> > box that would translate Ethernet TCP/IP into RS232 serial. I would
> > that it would be doable with a PIC or Basic Stamp chip and a few other
> > parts.  However, since I've not seen such a device, maybe there's more
to it
> > than that.
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