[TenTec] transverters on 6m

Robert & Linda McGraw K4TAX RMcGraw@Blomand.Net
Sat, 07 Sep 2002 08:10:22 -0500

I use a Down East Microwave transverter on 2M with my Omni VI+.  That
combination is far far superior to most "all mode" radios.  The DEM
transverter gives me about 20 watts output SSB and about 30 watts CW.  That
very easily drives a brick to about 150 watts.  If I need more RF, I turn
things down a bit and the brick will drive the 8877 to full legal output,
all modes.  For what it's worth, I can hear CW signals off of the moon, EME,
with a 10 ele yagi, no pre-amp, and the transverter.   I use the 250 Hz
filter in the Omni VI+.   It is better than my Paragon with the same filter
configuration.  With regard to transverters, I'd say 6M performance would be
about the same.

While the Tentec transverters are very good, they won't keep up with the
performance of the DEM.  Of course, there's a big price difference too.


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> I know that there several on this reflector that use transverters for vhf.
> am wondering how they would compare to  the 6n2 rig. Using a transverter
> much power out will you have? Are they 10w and then you have to use an amp
> or what? Are the filters better in an Omni V or VI better than most 6m
> I guess I am wondering what the advantage of using a transverter is.
> 73 Paul K9OT
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