[TenTec] Transverters

Paul DeWitte K9OT k9ot@mhtc.net
Sat, 7 Sep 2002 17:50:18 -0500

WOW what a nice bunch of replies I got about using transvertere. The general
consences seems to be (if I am correct) that using a GOOD HF rig the
filtering and signal to noise is better than most all band rigs with 6m in
them. Several have said they use an OmniV or Omni VI  (+transverter) and
feel they are superior to the all band type of rigs. My next question is, I
have an Omni C which I feel  has one of the quietest recievers of any radio
I have ever used. It might not have quite the gain of my Corsair II but the
signal to noise is far superior. So I have worked many stations on it that
never moved the S meter but were perfectly Q5 copy. Would this be the rig to
put a transverter on or would the lower gain reciever be a hinderence
overall?  I have a variety of rigs that I could try, Argosy II Corsair II
Delta II or theOmni C  or a scout.  Just dont want to be dissapointed right
away and give it up.  Thanks 73 Paul K9OT