[TenTec] Re: Jupiter firmware problems...NOT! (SO!... )

k8cv k8cv" <k8cv@netzero.net
Tue, 3 Sep 2002 14:38:31 +0100

Companies .................... as " w " would say, operate FOR PROFIT not
for customer satisfaction!

ADVERTISING makes shit smell good :-) DSP radios are SHIT !!     PERIOD, end
of paragraph !!

Hoopla about listening to PROGRAMMERS is just that , hoopla !

You can't get within a newyork mile of a KILOWATT station with a DSP radio,
even if it has the name TENTEC on the front and back panel.

What is an ORION ? Why it is a $3300 dollar PROFIT for TenTec that's what!

What's inside you might ask .......................

An OMNI-6 PLUS and PEGASUS , that's what ! With a NERD screen that does
nothing for transmit or receive ! Will that be a wining combination, will
the NERDS buy, Christmas will tell. This is a venture into the UNKNOWN
............... is the display more important that the GUTS ................

Walt Amos K8CV Royal Oak, MI.

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Subject: RE: [TenTec] Re: Jupiter firmware problems...NOT! (SO!... )

> Whether or not I own a Jupiter, or whether or not I own a Ten-Tec radio at
> all, is totally irrelevant to this discussion.
> I, as an owner of Ten-Tec equipment and a potential owner of new
> represent a point of view that should be important to Ten-Tec.  You, as an
> owner of a Jupiter, also represent a point of view that is important.
> However... from a purely economical vantage, the view of a potential
> Jupiter/Orion purchaser SHOULD BE more important than a current Jupiter
> owner.
> Why?  How much additional revenue will Ten-Tec get from you concerning
> current Jupiter purchase?  Zip, zero, nada, nothing (unless they go to a
> subscription model for updates, and I think they should).  My potential
> purchase (and the thousands of potential purchasers out there) is
> and if many potential purchasers are put off by what they see as QC
> problems... then sales will be down.  And that is not a good thing for
> anyone who likes Ten-Tec (as I do).
> Many years ago, I was at a meeting of ALL of the software developers for a
> certain Redmond-based software company where we listened to an industry
> pundit speak.  His main topic... "perception is reality."  This offended
> at first... HEY, we write great software!  But as I listened to him and as
> thought about what he was saying, I realized that he was doing me, and my
> company, a BIG favor.
> You don't have a problem with several rapid buggy releases, or the general
> level of Ten-Tec QC.  Fine.  Read the Jupiter reviews and comments on eHam
> and various other Internet venues.  Many people DO have a problem with it.
> Many times MORE people read these comments and reviews, and these add a
> level of uncertainty to the PERCEIVED wisdom of buying a Ten-Tec.  If
> are unsure, they don't buy.
> Perception is reality.  Whether or not Ten-Tec's QC is better/worse/the
> as Icom/Kenwood/Yaesu/etc., the PERCEPTION out there is that it is WORSE.
> Things like releasing three updates that have to be quickly reversed due
> bugs doesn't help reduce that perception... and since anyone can browse
> Ten-Tec elist this is very public to potential purchasers like most hams
> are willing to do a little bit of research.
> My suggestion (and it is only a suggestion) is that it would behoove
> to visibly show an increased commitment to QC by having at least a
> window where QC was emphasized AND Ten-Tec publicly touted the proof of
> (percent of returns for QC problems decreasing from x% to y%).  Remember
> Ford's big slogan "Quality is Job #1" after they got beat up for numerous
> design and manufacturing defects?
> Again, I like Ten-Tec, and I do plan to buy a new rig (maybe more than
> from them in the near future... but I want them to be around to support
> That means all those fence-sitting hams who aren't sure whether Ten-Tec is
> the way to go need to be convinced... and I am convinced that improving QC
> will make a big difference all out of proportion to the costs involved.
>  - jgc
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