[TenTec] Paying for updates... pshaw!

Rich McCabe rich@1967z28.com
Mon, 9 Sep 2002 15:41:41 -0500

Hey Rick,

Curious what you do not like about the Pegausus Plus?

The N4PY software has been very well optimized and Carl is the king when it
comes to adding little one step features that really help. But, I find the
new 32 bit program in a league of its own. The bandscope on it can not be
duplicated by anything on the market I have seen. Interested in your



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> . . . . and then you've got the problem I recently ran into with Writelog.
> The programmer totally screwed up and the serial port selection was one
> number off in the program.  When I went to download the "fixed" program,
> exceeded my year's use of the program, and would have to fork over another
> chunk of money just to have a "fixed" program.  No thank you.
> That being said, I gladly subscribe to N4PYs Pegasus program as long as
> keeps coming up with goodies I like!
> The "free" Pegasus Plus Program, while an attractive looking package,
> leaves a lot to be desired. I keep downloading the latest versions and
> playing with them, then going back to N4PYs software.
> 73 de Rick, WQ8Q
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